Sunday, February 15, 2009

Middle Fuy... bend on the biggins

Well I don't have any photos from the Futa because my computer died with all of my old shots from his trip on it... so i'm not too stoked about that. But with luck my zorito Nicolas has a camera and computer for me to update the old blog once again.

So after a nice trip with good flows in Futa we headed back up north to Bariloche with a huge celbratiopn and a double lap on the cascada alerces. With nice flow and a huge crowd of Argentinians watching all of us. From there we knew the levels were epicly low in Pucon, which means one thing...... Middle FUY!!!!

I will make a long good story short and sweet.... with not much water in the area our group of kayaking bandoleros have been living it up with the night life options that Puocn offers. Along with that we hit the middle fuy gorge 3 times now. It has a few fun boogie rapids and then it goes rictor with two portages that are runnable but very marginal... into the main drop of the run. It starts with a hard 20 foot sealanch into a nice pool from there you float off the cream of the crop.... One of the best 40-50 foot drops of all time. With all the water of the Fuy it's rolling and soft as it gets. The run out is in a sick gorge with read and run class 4-5 boulder rapids with cusion. A beautiful place for sure... classic as it gets.

enjoy the shots of the good times...

Miguel, Rodrigo, and Nico all chilling after the main course of the Huilo Huilo gorge.

La puma from the bottom... Rodrigo looking very small by the monster.

Jared rocking a solid line off the big boy.

Ian running the nicest drop in all of the land... so soft so smooth. Dejalo ir Dejalo fluir!

Los Wachos mas hombre mas guapo del Pucon!

Later E.G.


Fred Norquist said...

hell yeah ball say hi to pisco for me, haha happy birthday as well, i wish i could have shared the night with ya

Anonymous said...

Shared the night with ya?? hahahaha... fred and his fantasies...

Anonymous said...

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