Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skookum Creek praise the rains

After Skook we checked the level at Mamquam... it went, but not really.

Mamquam anyone??? @Ben Hawthorne

After meeting Corey and a few other paddlers that were in the area we went straight to Skookum creek a tributary to the Upper Mamquam and it looked good to go. A long bouncy drive up to the put in + a car wreck thanks to no E-brake we made it. In classic steeze we hiked to the first falls and were stoked to find a Spirit-esque 30-35 footer .

Hiking in with a crew of 8.

It was like X-mus day for me and everyone else. We bombed it hard and good glory was ours. This falls is called the spout and is known as the best drop in the Squamish district. Could be true it was so nasty.

The Grizz Jesse Remixin' the first falls.

Jesse on another good shot by Ben.

A beautiful shot of Tyler. By Ben Hawthorne

Tyler going for the melter.

A few corners later we reached a massive horizon line and scouted it on the left. It was hard to tell what was up but I knew this drop from past vids and posts from TRL. It was a big hitter so sack up and run that shit we all said. Left was good to go reconect to tuck.

Corey on the big guy.

Ty running left looking at a flat landing.

the trees are my friends, you fa-reaks! leave me alone!

Ian Stout stomping scary scrizz.

When shit hits the fan just say...

A few slides and cool canyon turns later we reached our cars at the bridge and were stoked to get some quality drops in. The creek used to be a much more complete run but a huge log has blocked the upper part of the run leaving the best 2 drops for us to give. We lucked out with the rain and got to get on another classic that was new for me.

A long night and next day at the local swim center left us feeling healthy and ready for more kayaking so we loaded up on food and drove up the famous Ashlu river for some sick whitewater riding and camping.

Later E.G.

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