Saturday, September 13, 2008


Skook is always a good time. One of the best surf waves in the world and some great hospitality. Got to send a big thanks to Drew and Emily for letting us crash 2 nights at there various spots near the wave, Y'all rock.

Flying high on an AirScrew righto I'm still in a project52 well that's cuz the new LL boat hasn't yet come my way. Hint,Hint... need one ASAP.

A nice clean when the wave was at a oh so sick flow.

Drew Lyell surfin' on the greens rip and shread for life.

Ty "The Treemister" himself was shredding green like a Johndeer mower on a late Sunday afternoon.

He can also go big.

Two days at Skook with rains left us drooling for big plans as we headed slowly back to main land on the BC ferries boat.

Later E.G.

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