Tuesday, June 10, 2008

South Merced: 2 times in 3 days

What a great classic this run really is. The first time a ran it was with a great group of folks I have been running around with all summer. We took our time but still routed lots of stuff plenty fast. After a great camping/cooking/fire/starry night at Super slide we had 5 more inches of water and ran out some steep boulder drops out to the take out. It was such an enjoyable relaxing experience I had to go back for more.

My next run was with the legendary Chuck Center, Ligare, and Mz Katie Scott. We had some spray skirt issues so we ended up one daying the beast. I had the lines down so well form my last trip that I routed them down almost every rapid on verbal beta. It was super swell. We did the whole run in about 6 hours with plenty of room to speed it up for next time. I'm gonna challenge the Holbek time of 5 hours on my next run. I was stoked to be done with the long paddle out and headed to Happy Burger in Mariposa when plans came to me for a Fantasy Falls mission for the next day. I blacked out from there until I came to in the parking lot of Tejawana Taqueria where it became a reality.

Enjoy the photos by Jono Ramsay (kayakingsux.blogspot.com)

Lizzy running a zoom flume of sort on of the last good drops of the run before the long paddle out.

Hustling for some grub after a great two day trip through the edge of Yosemite park.

The S. Merced is so good because you can pretty much run everything from a boat scout, if you have a little back bone. Don't quote me on that!

Taking the time to document our adventures with a pal by my side.

I like the water when it covers all the rocks. The trickiest drop is the next horizon line. 3 of us ran it 3 of us flipped. But all was dandy.

Chris on a nice slide. There was a great little surf wave right above this guy.

Mr. Gabirelli running some ledges.

...And doing some braces!

Gabrielle Running some clean pillowy Whitewater.

Chris's portage line around a very runnable but, I was 90% sure I would flip on it rapid. So I did a nice seal launch into it.

Lizzy On the Super slide what a nice smooth sequence of slides.

Mr. Chris Gabs about to hit his back deck!

Me encanta el Sur Merced!!!!

Later E.G.


erik said...

nice evan sounds like you slaying the mighty rivers of mecca. you have to ask you big bro about our big t disaster. insane. keep it reel deal.
erik johnson

Josh Neilson said...

"I would fucken paddle that river every day of my life if i could!" Quote sam morgan!
yeah boi firing it up back in cali! good shit! was sunny here for last week but rain now! NORWAY IS SICK!
catch u on the 9th bro! make sure u hold the snow up the kings for us bro!