Saturday, June 14, 2008

Montana and Access Issues

Ian G. greasing the thing. (photo Tyler Bradt)

Last monday Tyler Bradt and myself (Ian Garcia) made our way up to an all classic waterfall. Fiening due to constant snow fall that has left the northern rockies blacketed with snow and a spring that is persistent to coming. We went to the one river in the entire state that has actually flowed. Falls creek is a tributary to the Dearborn river and has become the topic of recent issues to river access in the area. With no actual public access to the creek and hiking trails that lay upstream it is now fully illegal to access the creek. And i am not recomending that anyone make the drive to the area to ask or atempt a run on the creek.

After talking with some of the locals in the area it became more apparent that thier reasons for shutting off the access is simply due to disrespect. As in prior instances with access to montanas rivers and creeks there are groups who are working to regain access to these creeks. if you would like to get more information on access to falls creek and other rivers that currently lay in jepardy check these links. THese are real issues and for the time being the only advice that i can pass on is to stay away from these rivers until an agreement is reached.

or for more information and individuals that are helping american whitewater to regain access you may contact Dave at


Anonymous said...

Dude, I don't know you, so this is nothing personal, but why would you even think of doing this and risk screwing this up for everyone else?

For everyone, check this thread on BT about how action like this is screwing access for everyone:

Here is the first paragraph of the post:

Hey all,

Spoke with a couple of locals up in the Helena area and have confirmed that access to Falls Creek,MT (class IV-V+ - Dearbrn Trib.) has been completely cut-off. The reason given thus far is disrespectful kayakers and trespassing kayakers on private land....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, actually Ian and Tyler did not risk screwing anything up. They LEGALLY accessed the falls by staying within the constraints of the creek. PUBLIC LAND!!!! so before you spout off...piss off

Anonymous said...

READ THE THREAD! (May 30)Irregardless of the particulars of how the creek was accessed in this instance, this is a very delicate area and going in there while negotiations are underway so that access may be restored and your crew doesn't have to do a "gruelling wade through waste deep current" is not going to help the situation! As for your attitude, access is so critical, the tone of your post and references to the landowners doesn't help anybody(why are the landowners pissed? Read the thread...). How does being proud of "defying anal landowners" that were pissed off by disrespectful boaters before you help the situation and educate people reading your blog about what's going on with the creek. If you read the thread and still think going in there while negotiations are ongoing was a good idea, I'll gladly piss off; telling me to piss off when I'm bringing up an important point doesn't bug me in the least, but at least have some thought about the implications this has for the greater boating community -- stay out of this creek until things are smoothed over; short term pain for long term gain. Why not use your blog to help the situation; educate all the people that tune in to check your adventures about the importance of maintaining good relations with landowners. This is not a situation where landowners were hostile from the get-go; boaters screwed this up, and if it was others and happened before your crew got there, why not be part of the solution rather then worsen the problem?

Anonymous said...

Hey Evan,
Just dropping a note to ask y'all to please respect those landowners wishes for this season. We are working diligently toward getting an ear from these folks and I would guess they might have been a little put off by the legal loophole y'all waded through... We spread the word about the goodness on Fall's Creek because it is "classic" and because we don't care for the "This is my beach" schtick. In return, leave it alone for a bit and give us a chance to make nice with the landowners. I guarantee they hold more cards than the boaters ever will up that way and we might all well be surprised by what else they can do to fuck with the paddling community on Dearborn access and beyond...
Dave - Please pass this request along to your bro and the rest of your crew.