Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tres Saltos: Upper two

After the Malue we needed some goods so we got on it after a relaxing day on the Liacura with a Kayak Pucon trip. The Upper Tres Saltos had some good water and is super close to the classic Nevados, so there we went. That little creek is quite amazing. There is so more gradient in the last 4 drops of the creek than anywhere else I have ever seen. The last drop being a sick 50-60 footer that needs more rain to be at a good level for a sort hit at the base. So we went up the hill and ran the first two sliding falls of the short run. The first is maybe a 30ish foot tall mini cherry bomb fall drop. Very classy and fun.

Kiwi Nick on Mini Cherry Bomb.

Mua on the 1st one. sideways pic, sometimes this computer thing kills me.

The next drop wihich is right there is an Alcaseca-ish drop with a steep slide into a crack off a 10-15 footer. Also very fun and worth the short hike.

Ian on the second of the two drops we ran, cool looking slide, no?

Then with the rope we set a rope before running the drops climbed out of the gorge and hike back to the car ready for a nice afternoon on the Rio Nevados.

Later E.G.

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Anonymous said...

nice, checked out those drops when we were there last Feb. the top one looked coooooool.

merry xmas ian and evan.

shred ready