Saturday, December 29, 2007

Argentina Photo Dump

After the big huck of Bonito we tried our luck out on the Infamous Rio Escondido. They wouldnet let us in theor land because they said the water was too high. So that was a failed atempet. Then we tried to hike up the Rio Goye did for an hour or so and there was too much wood in the river to get it. Failed. The next day we triped to go look at Cascada Alerses on the Rio Manso and it was just too high. It was runnable but just so big a scary that none of us wanted to risk what it couyld deal you. So with that we just decided to get back to Pucon and run some of the closer rivers and drops. But we did see some amazing scenery and got a sick night of disco-tec´ing in Bariloche, The ladies there are unbeatable so hhoott!!!! So here is a few of the high lights of our short trip over there after Bonito.

Our camp sight at Escondido.

Alerses with some size and juice.

Ian and Chris with some booties from Bonito, pleasing the gods that let us pass safely.

Bariloche at night before the party party time.

Alerses from the front, crazt amount of water coming off that thing. Im just not that nasty!!!

Looking up the Escondido valley at the river thats at the top of my to do list in the world. Ill be back there soon enough.

And the huge Volcano at the headwaters of the Manso.

It took some patience to get back to Chile but we made in one piece with our kayaks after some epic time spent dealing with the borders. Then we did the Christmus Huckfest I just posted that before so it would come out around the 25th. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Later E.G.

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