Thursday, October 25, 2007

Micos the first stokes of Mexico

Ian running the first drop of the Micos. 30 foot slide off about a 50 foot freefall, 70 total!

We arrived in Ciudad Valles after the longest drive of my life at 6:30 am. I remembered where our hotel was from last year and took advantage of the beds before thinking about kayaking. The Micos was our first stop, so we drove 30 minuets out of town to the travertine heaven and did a warm up run on the lower waterfalls before scouting the upper much much larger drop.

After walking through the jungle for awhile Ian decided to fire it up. I walked to the bottom to film and Tyler stayed up top to take a photo. Ian ran the right line, reminesant of the lines they fired up in Burning Time. He came down the slide had a great line off the lip, but at the bottom his boat slapped flat after making contact with the water. He had a sick line almost verticle, but the water was so green that it slammed his tail down before entering the water. He rolled quick and didn´t give the normal YEP and hand pump one does after running a 70 footer. The back of his boat was crushed in, he took a huge hit, but he was fine. Sore to say the least but walking and laughing as nothing had gone down.

We finished off with one more lap of the run then headed back to Valles to eat and chill in the heat of Mexico. Saludos to all Later E.G.


JP said...

EG i hate you with a passion, while i sit here worrying about midterms and essays due i see you and your brother going off the sickest shit...i hate you

Jonny Meyers said...

dude, sick photo, but 30 plus 50 is 80