Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Playing Bozeman

With my return to Bozeman came the hot weather. It was 80 to 90 degrees for 5 days stright. The massive snow pack the mountains around Bozeman recieved months ago started to melt. The Yellowstone rose 4000 cfs dayily while the Gally rose 600 to 700 a night. With in 4 days the river were brown and flooded. Springdale a wave that
comes in at 18000 cfs or higher was in along with the diversion dam wave on the Gally that comes in above 4500. Both these wave are amazing, any wave moves are possible on either of these features, and they are my favorite playspots in the Bozeman area. After my weekend full of Blunts, Helixes, Pan Ams, and any other crazy things I came up with I am now ready for the steep and tecnical creekin of the Rockies. Enjoy the pics. Big Timber and other Montana classic updates coming soon. Later E.G.

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