Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Weekend

The long weekend was kicked off with a plane flight with my dad. During this flight I saw 2 of the most amazing first D's I have ever seen. A 60+ footer with a cool entrance only an hour from Bozeman,
and a gorge that starts off with a few stout rapids then off a 50+ footer in to a 1 1/2 mile gorge of class 5 Montucky gnar gnar. South of BMT north of U&ME who knows the exact locations???
The next day my little brother Nate took off for some Idaho huckin'. Nate and my hommie Erik went down and met up with Davis a local Idaho ripper to run the Portneuf river in southern part of the state. What they got out of it was 15, 10, and 5 footers along with assorted slides and rapids.

The river runs stright through the town of Lava hot springs making the best combo of kayaking in cold water and lounging in hot water there is.

That same Friday Ian and I went to check out the 60+ footer close to Radersburg MT. After a drive through some quality mountain scenery we came to the trail head. A 3.5 mile hike on a trail, how hard could it be? Well we got lost, ran it to a mouse and its baby, went up and down the same hill 4 times, and finally found out that our short cut was the exact opposite, before finding the waterfall. It was just what we
were looking for a perfect 55-60 footer with the best rolling lip you could imagine. A good 4+ entrance and a big pool at the bottom. There was one tiny problem, a ledge came in to the falls 10 feet from the pool and made it unrunnable, dam shut down again. You tell me if you'd give her.

The next adventure for the Garcia brothers was some real covert operation red alert secret mission low down stuff. I can't tell you about it or I would have to kill you. All I can say is that there was a clean 70, 25, 20, 30, 15, and 20 on it but the weather stalled us for another weekend. So we called the weekend good and did a celebration run on Hyalite creek with our good buddies Jon and Cam.
But we weary the next update could shock and ahhw anyone who set their eyes on it. Later hope you like the pics E.G.


littlejohn said...

looks like you boys are having fun. gravy and travis and i had an epic weekend in washington. you need to bring nico to oregon/washington when he comes into town. have fun creekin!


tell your brother to email me or give me a call 541-517-7900, ljgroth@gmail.com

brettM said...

i randomnely found this blog on playak. where were those waterfalls at? hit me up with some more pics and updates...ill be home in a week or so. got to surf drunkyards at primo level on wednesday night and at a lower but still sick level on friday. capped of the weekend with creeking on saturday and sasquatch music festival on sunday.


Pitt said...

Hey dude Can you pass me some beta on the drops on the portneuf. Flows, Put in and Take out, and any other neccecary info. Thanks dude. Your blog is sick.