Wednesday, April 19, 2006

1st week in No Cal

We left Visalia and spent a day in Yosemite Park on our way to paddle the Merced river. After a play session on "gauge hole" we drove stright to Coloma, home of the South Fork of the American river. In our 4 days here we paddle rivers like Slab creek (a dammed section of the South Fork that rarely runs), a park and huck 30 footer (Traverse creek falls), a high water run down Webber creek (which i had a nice little swim on in the last drop, bootie for EVAN), and other rivers of the area. Here are some photos of the waterfall and drops on webber creek. I am now at the south yuba boating with a good friend named "Justin Patt". We are hoping to have updates on rivers like Golden gate, and purdons to 49 coming soon. Take it easy y'all. E.G.

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Corey Volt said...

Evan Your my hero but how the hell did you swim on webber creek?