Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Grand Prix 2014 "My Wager"

Ok I haven't written on this blog for quite some time now...but I've got some time to go on an old EG rant.

So the talk of the Whitewater world right now is the the upcoming event of the year "The Grand Prix 2014"!!! I'm bummed that I can't make it back out to Quebec to run rampant with the rest of these guys and get my ass kicked at all the play boating events like last time.

I haven seen and heard a lot of folks talking about who's going to win it all this year... AND, I have a pretty damn good idea of what's going to happen. Mostly because I know everyone who is going out there, what they are going to boat on, and what they are all capable of in both a play boat and creek boat. It's not a freestyle competition!!!!...How many people swam in the 2011 races???? Like 10! I'm calling out a dead even tie between the results of 2011:

Dane - 1st
Benny -2nd
Rush - 3rd

They have all been working so hard to become better paddlers in all aspects of the sport that I personally don't think that anyone else out there can top these boys.

I mean face the facts Dane killed it at both the Grand Prix's in the past...and now he is way better, ballsier, and more trained up than ever before! He is unbeatable in a play boat and almost unbeatable in a race...need I say more?

Benny is so ill...if he spent as much time play boating as Dane did than I think he would stand a chance at beating him. However he has made a transition into spending more time running rivers than the endless days of playing...He can still do anything on a wave with unmatched Steeze, which is what matters, but I don't think in one minute he can match a Dane ride...

Rusha---All around pimp'yaka. He is solid at everything, should take top 5 in every event, and maybe win some races! I got faith in Rudy for the party title and honey badger at the same time...really all around athlete this one!

Everybody else that is heading out there are all amazing kayakers and so badass as well...I respect everyone and their mad skills for sure! I'm just telling it like it is in my mind. Prove me wrong, and I will be sitting here in The Substantial Editing room giggling away, happy as a hippo.

Fired up for all the boys going out there to go shred so hard!

El Chileno Marcos Gallegos summoning the powers of the god of all gods! Zeus!!!!!!
Dev-Dawg going huge and stylie on Mini-bus...he would slay a competition on this feature!

Dane just being ridiculous on the Black River in NY

Chris Gratmans on Detonator in Alma. In a Mamba 8.6 none the less!

Later E.G.


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