Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rider of the Year III

It's that time of year again!!!!!!

For the past three years Tribe has put on a new school version of "The Big Gun Show", Rider of the Year! In this competition Tribe showcases the best drops, lines, competitors, freestylers, racers, crashes, edits, expeditions, and paddlers of the year.

There have been some mock competitions trying to mimic this style of showcasing whitewater to the world, but none hold a candle to the accuracy of ROTY. These days it seems like there is a twisted/bias view of what is going on in whitewater when you look at what's portrayed in Magazines and websites...

To the people who actually follow the kayaking world and have a passion for the sport, names like: Aniol Serrasolses, Ben Marr, Jared Seiler, Rush Sturges, Fred Norquist, Chris Korbulic, Ben Luck, Rafa Ortiz, Erik Johnson, Ben Stooksberry, and Ryan Lucas all ring a bell! Why? Because in reality they have accomplished and done more than any other paddlers on the Planet this season! To those that don't know/follow, that there, is just another list of "good" kayakers. That list of paddlers above all dedicate their lives to whitewater and go hard on the water more than anyone else!

Rider of the Year is put on and judged by the folks who know and applaud what is actually going down in the world of whitewater! If someone has gone bigger, harder, and been stylier than the rest of the pack, they will win ROTY! That's what I love about this project, TRUTH! Sit back, watch, share, link, and enjoy as Tribe drops some of the sickest video ever captured in our sport!

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Rider of the Year III Teaser

Here are the first few entries I sent in to ROTY:

Best Line Entry - EVAN GARCIA (USA) - Toketee Falls from Rider of the Year Awards on Vimeo.

Best Line Entry - EVAN GARCIA (USA) - Double Drop - Norway from Rider of the Year Awards on Vimeo.

Later E.G.


c2 said...

Just discovered your blog. Just discovered the joys of wwkayaking this year too, and while i'm still working out my technique on class IIs and IIIs, it's awesome to see what you're capable of and how passionate you are about the sport. i wholeheartedly agree; it is the best thing I've ever experienced. keep the entries and videos and pictures coming!--they supply fodder for my daydreaming, and thinking about kayaking is my go-to happy place on a bad day (and on a good day too). church indeed.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...