Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Surf Yellowstone!!!!!

I grew up only 30 minuets from the Yellowstone river. My first ever whitewater experience was me crying my way down the Yankee Jim canyon while following my brother and dad down the class III wave trains. I learned to surf, spin, and totally fell in love with kayaking on this river. It holds a special place in my icy cold heart!

I got the opportunity to return to some of my home town playspots this summer in June. First was the oh so classic Springdale wave. Its wide, retentive, and consistent! My kind of wave for sure. Here is a short I put together from a few sessions we had out there.

This next wave was a new find for the Bozeman was only really discovered and surfed because the water finally got high enough to actually make this wave. When 23,000+ CFS is pumping through Yankee Jim canyon the beasty wave forms! A constriction in the canyon plus a big rock create the perfect combination for a BIG WAVE! We only got to surf this one for a few hours, but pulled a solid little video out of the sesh!!! Enjoy!

Playboating is a lot of fun when on waves like this...I'm not much of a hole boater, mostly because I suck at it and never really do it...but overall I do really enjoy surfing waves and trying new tricks. It's kind of relaxing after so many stouts! hahaha

Later E.G.


Deborah Wolfe said...

Dude. Love your videos. Love your attitude. Love your gusto for life. Can't get with the music. Would love to share your videos far and wide, but don't want my Mama to hear all that general nastiness about genitalia. Dude, real men just do it. Little boys sing nasty songs about it. Women are not boats to be ridden and then bragged about. Seriously. You have so much talent and are obviously very intelligent. Put it together. Represent.

Anonymous said...

Got sand down there i see!!?? Relax, its a song.

Anonymous said...

Keep that shit raw as fuck! Ballsdeep! No one has used dance with the devil in an edit yet, its all you