Monday, August 15, 2011

Bomb Flow TV Episode #2 "Pacific Northwest"

It has begun...the world domination of bombflow! Have you seen episode #1 pt1 & 2 yet? Part #1 Pucon, Chile, and part #2 Patagonia? If not check them out!!!! They are 50 minuets of completely mind blowing footage from all over one of the greatest most beautiful countries in the world...Now after another month has passed we bring you the Pacific Northwest episode hot off the press...I guess there is an edit glitch near the end...probably my fault...I was too stoked to get this thing out to the pubic! Anyway watch, enjoy, comment, please share with friends and family, and go kayaking!!!!!

Bomb Flow TV Episode #2 Pacific Northwest from BombFlowTV on Vimeo.

Later E.G.

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Thomas Matthews said...

just to say i love all these vids, i have watched all of them at least three times each in fact the other day i watched all three in a row and it made me gasping to go paddling,can't wait for episode three! Keep up the brilliant work!