Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tatlow Hike-a-thon

They say a picture says a thousand words...These say a million! It's hard to capture the beauty of a place like Tatlow creek, being so hidden away. However, I think these shot from Candace do a pretty dam good job. Take a peek at my last Tatlow update and you will get what I'm saying. Tatlow 2007.

This time around the road up to the Upper Ashlu river was in terrible shape and forced us to sack up and make the normally easy ascent to the run a major epic hiking mission. We walked about 2.5 miles flat, 1.5 up and 1 down? We forgot water and had a hell of a time making this run really happen for us. But knowing that this creek happens to be one of the best in Southwestern BC we gave it hell and made it to the put in. Fighting dark Fred and I ran the shity brown, filmed, and made our way down to where Candace and Steve waited to shoot some epic photos. The day ended up being a great success! After I get all the photos up I will post the amazing videos that Fred and I made from the day as well. They are some of our finest work and we just were informed that Go Pro will be using them for promotional reels for their HD cameras. Enjoy the sick shots that Candace got from a huge day out in the deep dark bush of BC!

What a rad place, it's just a bummer that we have to work so hard to get up to the put in these days. Hope the fall is starting to bring rain and water to the rivers you call home.

Later E.G.

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David (Adayak) said...

Really enjoyed reading about your trip and checking out those pics. Would love to make it to BC some day - looks amazing.