Saturday, May 29, 2010

Koosah Falls Video

This is the first time in my waterfall career that a random tourist has taken photos or video of me running a waterfall, and actually sent me them. I was running Koosah falls and Zach Roberts happened to be there with a little HD flip camera and caught it all on video...he came over when I was done, and asked me a few questions about the drop.

I'm down in Cali getting on the goods here so keep up to date on egcreekin because there will be tons of good update coming your way soon.

P.S. Dashboard Empanada will finally be ready to ship by this next Wednesday drop on comment or send me an email at to buy a copy...there will also be a paypal button coming up soon.

Later E.G.


Bruno said...

Awesome! Congratulations E.G. you are really the Killa. I´m looking forward to watch the Dashboard Empanada!

Courtney Sanders said...

god da**!!!!!! Looks amazing.. So tall. soon you'll need to start bringing a parachute! Hope alls well! Tell C Happy bday 4 me!