Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pre-Tour de Stout rally...

I just got back to Pucon from a 2 week road trip to Argentina...we paddled a lot to say the least. The updates will be pouring in soon. This is covering a couple days of boating right before we left for the trip. We got on some home town goods to stoke the FIRE before taking off for the real tour de Stout...enjoy it!

Salto de Mariman is one of the biggest rapids that is rarely run on the main raft section in Pucon...Demshitz went one day to see how she went.

Isaac ran the Mariman first and showed us that the hole flushes...

LA COBRA getting the good line through the entry.

Tapping the seem to go deep and under.

Aniol with the only clean line of the day.

Myself after a clutch roll and right about the break my nicest paddle I use to have :(

Then it was off, or back, I should say to the Demshitz canyon for us....

A good shot of the Demshitz drop... 4th time this year.

Isaac Running brown with some sick layover southeast style finesse.

Maybe the best boof in the city of Pucon...just maybe?

The ever so good, but scary Diablito.

I love kayaking and Pucon...Thanks Candace for all the sick photos of the Nevados.

Later E.G.

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Lizzy English said...

You guys are cool. I freakin' graduated!! Can't wait to hang with you guys this spring!