Wednesday, November 18, 2009

River of Silver (Rio Plata)

For the past few weeks, we have been on quite a strange rally of paddling...due to the everlasting cold rains, so we ran Tres Saltos again.  It was a nice level and we all had fun. Then with a small break in the weather and a trip to Santiago, the levels dropped enough to get on some more different rivers.  Rodrigo has always talked of the Plata throughout the years and we haven't gotten it until two days ago. The run starts out with quite a stout hike in, BUT, there is a magical view over the whole Pucon valley to keep every one happy for the majority of the trek.  

Jared hiking across the first bridge before the climbing starts....

Jared in a tight spot near the put in.

Taking a small break from the steepness.... all the boys happy to get out and get a little workout in. 

Unloading the Kayak Pucon van at Lago Villarrica.

Finally at the river after dropping into the canyon for 40 minutes.

Jared boofing a nice little drop.

One of my personal favorites of the day... You can't tell that it is a tight 12 footer right below where he is setting up.

Hiking up...and up!

Some mad bombing through a money section.

El Rio Plata has always been a river I have wanted to do...not only because the rapids look cool as hell, but because it is also the closest of all the creeks to the town of Pucon. From downtown, you can look across the lake and see the deep jungle gorge that withholds this amazing river. To break it all down, the river is a bit on the mank-side of the scale, but all the significant drops are good to go. 

This one was a manky, tight turn!

Fighting with lots of bamboo going down to the river...

Some boogie water.


Jared styling out a tech-drop.

Jake on the last 20-footer of the Plata.

The portage that Jared decided to run. He really regretted his choice minutes later when his cameras (both of them) disappeared around the corner.  

Buttcrack Falls!  A tight briny....

Fired up to be in the Plata with all my good friends!

Over all, the river was classic and a very unique place for us all to be. The rapids were technical and hard at times, then clean and fun at others. My favorite part of the Plata was the box canyon we got to pass through to get from the put-in, all the way back to the lake, where we started the gnarly little hike.   

Later E.G.


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