Friday, May 08, 2009


Before starting this post I have to say that this is a two part mission... two days... two different gorges. Day 1;

This is a sick little creek run we heard about from th Hucking Huge crew, that got it from some rad ripper kids from Trout Lake. These kids used to go up in the canyon with their dad to scout and hike and remember seeing big falls deep in the gorge. So anyway with lots of rain falling and a failed attempt to go and run the Outlet falls we ran across the beta for this small mission. The next day we rallied out in the proper fashion, late and unprepared.

Arriving at the put in with no shuttle rig we had no option other than walking it after wards. So we put on this small dinky little creek and set our sights on what could be downstream. After some logs ducks and and few small drops.....

I guess I was having a hell of a time on this small little rapid. EG smiling big.

We arrived at a nice slide which was the entrance gate to the $crillaCash gorge. Two cool easy 20 foot slides lead us to a huge horizon line.

Max on the entry slides.

We got out and saw this massive free falling, reconnecting, exploding, stout. I was not sure what the success rate on this drop would be, other than the fact that the day before Ben Stooksberry and Cody Howard 1st D'ed it the day before. So Boomer ran first....

Boom Daddy probing out the Stout with him, I would have been just a little more scared.

It was one of the most unique drops I have ever run. A south branch 40 foot connector that sling shots you off a 10/15 footer at mach 5. Something like that???

Going for the notch in the lip as to not hit a funky flake.

Hold on baby!!! Smooth as the creamy peanut butter I just ate. My favorite photo of the day.

Stout Master, Mastering yet another giant falls.

Max B.Burn off atop the Q.Pipe but the vert didn't match the trany... this made for a wild ride! After you are vertical the drop launches the yaker to a heels over head boof for about 20 feet in the air. So sick. After that the creek roars over a stout crack slide... Boomer ran it well, we all seal launched in after the crux.

Talk about a cool mini gorge... The North West is beautiful. One more good slide and the money is all spent. It turns back into a manky and wood infested run once again. After we did all this and had a great level out there we came home and found out that there was another/better gorge upstream!!!!! With a big that was still yet to be run!!!! We had to go back!!!

All Photos by Erik Boomer

Later E.G.

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Could you please contact me directly at asap? My buddy and I are going to hit Dinky Wilderness at the end of this month and I have a couple questions for you. I'll email you back as soon as I hear from you or if you can leave your # I'd much rather have a conversation that way. Thank you.