Friday, March 27, 2009

Brave'n on the Raven's fork

Well From the Northwest, where there was great water to be had, I flew many hours all the way from the to fabled the east. Meeting up with my Demshitz hommies for the movie makings, I arrived to rain and cloudy weather so we decided to go get out there and fire it up..... Raven's fork at 18/19 inches baby!!!!

Loading desmhitz "green bitch" up to get off to the river on a rainy day in the S.E.

The put-in with a sik crew.

Anaconda rapid wit da pink helmet... I decided that I didn't need my gear, because it was not going to rain, but it did.

Me and my boy Joe Barkley.

Pat bombing the Headless slide, big hole!



all day....

The Raven's killed any thing I could have thought I would find out here on the east side.... We ran it fast at a high water level. Thanks to Pat, Joe, and Chan for leading us down the shitz...

Later E.G.

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