Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No Miedo on the Middle Palguin

After we got back from the little trip down to Gol Gol, Nilahue, and Fuy we were in a good mood to continue the huckfest... what else to go do other than the most famous big huck of Pucon. The Middle Palguin's big falls. Going up to the Palguin with the ganas (intention) of running this beast, is like going to skate park down town portland, and saying your gonna fight the biggest scariest dude there. No shit man it's big and scary. After running it so many times now I get more and more comfortable but have to tell myself "I'm not scared."

A number of years back when I was first down here... when the middle palguin used to be a 10-35-50 Lj Groth and Rodrigo Tushner ran it 4 times in one week. Lj had this to say with this photo to go along with it...

Maybe I am crazy? (from watergrande.blogspot.com)

I love that quote... because this drop is so close to town and there is always water in this river so it becomes a staple drop if you are living here.

So all geared up an took off for the middle once again. Me, Rodrigo, Miguel, Jared, Fred, and Graham was the group. All stars bitches....

Rodrigo goes first onthis big boy most of the time... he loves his home town stout.

Jared following shortly behind him with the Go Pro camera strapped to his head. Taking the stout to a new level, busted paddle over his head.

I then went with the a paddle toss descent....

Launching in to avoid stout 10.

T-ing up the lip of the stout... sick photo by Toro.

I tossed her (my At) way far away from me and had a solid line... But then failed to hands roll and swam. Damit!! hahaha Graham went next and stomped the sht=itz out of it with some savage demshitz estilo.

Miguel on his third run of this big boy.... solid my stout master.

Fred... a new comer to this shiter... he had a sick line for sure.

Group in the pool at the bottom.... total numbers.... 4 broken paddles & 2 swims. Big drop=big hits.

Yet another crazy day in the land of stouts. More to come soon... this was the 16th or so of December. I have been a little lazy on my blog... but not on the water I swear.

Later E.G.

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Jay Gifford said...


Great post! Glad to hear you boys are going after it! ALL STARS representing!