Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lower Lewis Falls

All photos by Lj Groth. WaterGrande Blog

After a few days of chilling and working at the lodge for the weekend I was on fire and itching to run more big drops after Silver falls. The one the is so close to home, that I had been to before was Lower Lewis. I have some history with this waterfall, not personally but I have been there when some pretty scary things have happened. Also hearing a lot of stories kind of brings some doubts to mind, but knowing water had dropped lots from the last visit to Upper Lewis a month ago (that update is still coming) I was confident we would all run this thing. We got there in classic junk show form, boats falling off roofs, beers, etc... and went for a quick scout before throwing our gear on. All was good, the cave on right left is horrendous but avoidable, pony up boys.

LJ went first, tossing a Nilahue stezze boof, for those of you who know Lj's first D of that beast in EP's Chile segment. I followed with a gurr and stouts in mind.

Me coming out of the canyon moments after stomping one of the biggest boofs of my life. Keel has the better photos.

Yes a monster boof is what I did, surprisingly soft for a 40' flat landing. My only wish was to stay away for the room behind and to the side of the falls. Ickyy Stikyy!!!

Austin wearing my green helmet after his Silver falls loss, but looking prime for this big boy.

Wait it's a bird??? No it's EG hucking a 50' Misty flip as Austin ran the 40'. A Kodak moment fo show.

I guess it was timing on Lj's part, but I ran back up to the top and waiting until Austin ran the pourover above the main drop, then I flew off a huge cliff throwing a trademark misty 540 for a "epicocity" picture.

Lane Jacobs doing a big cliff jump after filming our runs.

Some pretty ducks watched our entertaining show.

Skux on the lip of things making sure to stay wide of the cave.

Now on his way down the falls. Kiwi's put some Cosby kid steeze
upon it.

Overall this drop was sicktor. It had a cool sliding rapid leading into a 4' weir launching the boater off a 40 footer. Pretty damn money for August, or anytime as a matter of fact. We went back and did some more cliff jumping and a huge lay out back flip complemented my previous Misty. What a "Klear Above Visibility Unlimited" day out there.

The masterminds of http://gorgehits.blogspot.com/ Keel and Ryan came along for the shots and a KAVU day out the in Washington.

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