Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Samll Update

Since the Gol Gol and my ruptured ear drum I have taken awhile off of kayaking. On Ian´s last day a big group of us went a paddled a small tributary of the Rio Michine named the Remeco. It was kind of a mission of two 15-20is footers with about 10 cfs. The day was fun and it was good to get wet again... that was the 3rd of January.

The ear was still acting up so I took some more days off before going to the Palguin with the Demshityz boyz. Jared Sailer, Dave Fusilly, Max and Mike, and Issac a sick group of paddlers from the Yough area down here for the summer.

They were super pumped about watching us run the Middle Palguin on Christmas and wanted to give it a go. Jared went, Mike, Max, and Dave finished their runs off with a flipless descent. (One of the sickest lines ever Dave)

Thanks to the Demshitz the Upper Palguin is now clean and good to go. Photo Demshitz!!!

I wanted to run or seal lanch the portage at the take out but everyone was down to get out of there to go party so I saved it for anotherday. That day came a few days ago and I dry lanch into the center of the two drops and boofed the bottom 20 footer stoked to have not hit anywalls cuz that thing is tight!!!!

Old Greg Only click this link if you are bored because it´s a hilarious british movie about a seaweed man... Strange but one of the funnest things I have seen. Don´t ask why I put this on here I just did!!!

Other than that I spent 4 days in Santiago with Chris Korbulic chasing girls we met on New Years. There has been a few days on the Lower Trancura with Kayakpucon helping with raft or duckies. Fun to get out in the FX 5.8 and throw down some crazy spiny moves. Now I´m in Argebtina again trying to get me and my boat to Bariloche in one piece. It´s not fun bussing with all this gear. I slept in the woods last night not wanting to spend money on a hostel. It was classic EvGar style. But It seems like the water is good down here and we should get some big sweet runs in. Keep an eye on egcreekin cuz things are about to go off.

Later E.G.

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