Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Happenings in Mexico!

Big Slugger Whitney taking a solid cut at her B-day opponet.

I am still here in the coastal paradise of Huatulco hanging out on the beaches and enjoying the Mexican living. We are having a great time and doing some really unique things down here. First off I would like to start this post with the news of my good friend and mentor, Whitney Lonsdale's birthday. We had an epic run down the Zimatan and then had a Mexican Style fiesta with a pinata and Mexican cuisine. Good times!!!

Joel and I showing our stuff to the Mexican honeys at Puerto Escondido.

After the birthday celebration we had another day off of school and decided to go to Puerto Escondido to check out the Mexican pipe line and amazing beaches. This place fully lived up to all of my expectations. The breaks were the most amazing left hand point crumblers I have ever seen. While we watched local surfers rip it up out in the clear blue waters, while Joel and I had a quality huck session off a sand ledge. Beat from a day in the sun we hung out on the beach until the sun went down and night set in. Joel Kowalski kickin' it watching the sun disappear over the horizon.

LJ Groth enjoying the night time celebrations of Day of the Dead.

We just got back from a mountain town up by the put in for the Copalita where we got to see the Day of the Dead festivals in full action. It was really cool to go into a huge cemetery filled with people and thousands of candles. The place was crazy, drunk men infested the path ways asking for money and beers while families celebrated the life and times of their late relatives. The beautiful Mexican women were also out in full force, once again proving to me how good looking Latinas truly are. This was really the coolest cultural experience we have seen thus far in Mexico. Other than that we are leaving this Saturday to go back to Jalcomulco to get on some possible overnighters and play runs we miss earlier on our trip. Hope you guys are having a good time and enjoying life where ever you might be.

P.S. There will be more kayaking update and pictures coming soon. Later E.G.

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erik johnson said...

yo even its erik. i wish i was kayaking to. looks like youve been killing it and steping up the game. up in montana were getting ready to go skiing but thats nothing your intrested in. i hear you also got second in team trials (try to get me in on your trip to bus eater ha ha ha maybe i would get worked. talk to you later evan. ps i saw that amazing video THE FLOW. pretty cool man. keep pushing the limits and have fun.see ya during winter break.